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BYE BRA - self-adhesive tapes for clothing 3-6 pairs 50020-1

BYE BRA - self-adhesive tapes for clothing 3-6 pairs 50020-1

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Bye Bra - Perfect Cleavage breast lifting tape. The Perfect Cleavage bra belt raises the chest from the side towards the center of the chest to increase the neckline. The Perfect Cleavage tape consists of four breast lifting tapes - two per breast. The first L-shaped band lifts the breast and rotates it inward to form a cleavage; while the second tape in the shape of an inverted letter "T" adds support. The chest belt can lift the breast by a good 8 to 15 centimeters, depending on the size. Each pack also contains nipple covers. That's why each pack offers up to 6 sets for women with AB size and 3 sets for women with C size and above. In each package, you'll find "useful application tips" to make sure you look fantastic by wearing Perfect Cleavage. The unique 3M quality tape is completely safe, unlike some counterfeit products. Bra The Bye Bra easily and effectively raises the breast. What's more, not only the breasts are raised, but also the self-esteem and well-being of the user. EAN: 8718801011454

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