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BYE BRA - self-adhesive tapes for clothing 30x 50019-1

BYE BRA - self-adhesive tapes for clothing 30x 50019-1

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The tapes are made of 3M glue, and the stripe sizes are 23 mm by 82 mm. They are much wider and longer than the average tape. This is a useful feature because this tape can stay on the body all night long compared to other thinner ones that do not last for so much time. The 3M adhesive has exceptional quality - it is gentle on both the skin and clothing. The protective layers between them ensure that the strips do not stick together before use. The combination of Bye Bra self-adhesive breast lift and tape prevents the frightening "nipple". The package has 30 strips, but due to their size, they can be cut in half and you can have up to 60 pieces.
Instructions: Before applying strips, make sure that the skin is dry and clean of any creams or moisturizing substances. First, choose a place on the skin to which you want to attach clothing. Then peel the backing paper from the inside of the strap and press the tape firmly against the skin. When the tape is in place, remove the backing paper from the outside surface and push the garment to it. Hold it in place for a few seconds before releasing. To remove the tape after use, simply peel it off. If it does not come easily - soak your clothes in warm soapy water and try again. Apply baby oil or similar product to the skin to speed up the process and try again. EAN: 8718801010952

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